Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Synergy Festival 2015 in Coachella

By Moises Huerta

November 14th was the day for Synergy Festival 2015! This is a direct quote from the website. "This year we plan to go even bigger in our 4th year producing this event." This year they had multiple live art stations, three stages of music and performance, a huge car show, attractions for the kids, and multiple showcasings of local art and entrepreneurship. As always the goal is to support the local artists and the community.
CRISALIDA was present and our main artist of the day was Chris Sanchez.  Inside the Art Van were Chris' art pieces. His style was admired by many who came to view his art.

These were our neighbors who were at Synergy for their first year.
I love the imagination it takes to come up with something this cool!
The color in all these pieces have a retro look that is great.

This little Aztec dancer brought his grandpa to Synergy and he had many things to talk about.
No Festival is complete without Cupcake the Clown!

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Run De Los Muertos in Coachella!

By Moises Huerta 

The Run De Los Muertos event was impressive on many levels. If you have loved ones that have passed then you would be touched by the beautiful expressions of love and appreciation shown in the beautiful altars that were built in their honor. If you are a lover of art then you would be in for a real treat because artistic expression was everywhere at this event. Poetry, song, art, beautiful altars, and  children's painted faces were present all around. Look at these memorable pictures and see for yourself how festive and touching the event was.  
This beautiful altar was created by Carlos Galaviz.

The size of this Calavera is huge.

The originality of these Day of the Dead costumes is awesome!

Sofia Enriquez was able to create a beautiful painting on the back of her calavera.
Did a 4th grader really create this? Congratulations Gonzalo!
This is just beautiful to look at.
                     The dynamic poetry was a bright spot in the evening.
                                     Coachella does it again!

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Oscar's Last Night at Coachella Community Homes

By Moises Huerta

Oscar Guevara's art workshop at the Coachella Community Homes had their last night on Friday, October 23. There was pizza & juice for all the students. I dropped in and was treated to some pizza & to their beautiful work. It is not just the art but watching the students' characters develop knowing that someone cares about their creativity and talent. Thank you Oscar.

                  Here is their excellent work!
Everything that the students chose to use on their letters came from items at home.

Their creativity is truly amazing!

                          Oscar says this is the class mascot.
                              Lots of detail in these letters to 
                         express each student's individuality.

Karina's creativity comes in many forms
The maturity is these young students is amazing!
                             Thank you McCallum Theatre
                         for your attention to the East Valley.